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Hotspot & Flip Hotspot

A hotspot is fixed area of the page whose content can change by tapping buttons. This allows a lot more content to reside on one page. Hotspots are typically used to show information about a collection of items who have something in common. E.G.. the different parts of a car. Tapping the button for a wheel would display the information for the wheel(s), but tapping a button for a valve would display the information about the valve(s).

Create hotspot content
  • Place all hotspot components on top of each other, however, if each hotspot content contains more than one component, group all components in each hotspot.
  • Select all the hotspot content and open the Object States window.
  • Click the “convert selection to multi-state object” button (below).


  • Enter the text ‘hotspot’ in the Object Name field (below). You can add more text after the word hotspot if you like, which helps manage multiple hotspots on the same page.


Rename all the states to be user friendly names (excluding spaces).

Please note: Whatever is the first state in the hotspots state list in InDesign is the first state that will be displayed in the browser and on tablets, so in this example above "state1" will be displayed.

Create hotspot buttons
  • Add the icons you wish to use to show the different pieces of hotspot content.
  • For each icon, open the Button window and click ‘convert to button’ (below).


  • Add the ‘Go to State’ action.


  • Then select the correct state.


Download hotspot demo here:

Flip Hotspot

Flip Hotspot works like a playing card being flipped over.

To do this, do all of the above steps, but in the "Enter the text ‘hotspot’ in the Object Name field, enter the text -flip-hotspot (see below).


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