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iOS app release history

v4.19.0 (March 2020)


  • iOS 13 support

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

v4.18.5 (December 2018)

Bug Fixes:

  • App rejected by apple as GDPR related consent check boxes are already checked
  • On previewing issue from Library, title of view changes form Library to Store

v4.18.4 (November 2018)

Bug Fixes:

  • Navigation bar disappears with 2 taps instead of single tap when it appears automatically in specific scenarios.

v4.18.3 (August 2018)

Bug Fixes:

  • Simultaneous support for Pinch and Zoom and Page stacks on iPad

v4.18.2 (June 2018)


  • Support for Pinch and Zoom on iPad

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

v4.18.1 (May 2018)


  • GDPR compliance

v4.18.0 (April 2018)


  • iPhone X compatibility

v4.17.5 (February 2018)


  • Show terms and conditions for auto renewable subscriptions on app store page

Bug Fixes:

  • Wrong Variant is picked on iPhone 5 in case of multiple Variants available

v4.17.4 (September 2017)


  • iOS 11 support

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes for iOS 11 compatibility

v4.17.3 (August 2017)

New features:

  • Support for landscape orientation on Phones
  • Support for app orientation lock for Phones and Tablets

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes

v4.17.2 (May 2017)

Bug fixes:

  • WebView with embedded html page name index.html not exported in Single Issue App
  • Newstand App: Push Notifications sent through App Boy Campaigns are not showing on device
  • Apps not getting registered for Urban Airship Push Notification

v4.17.0 and v4.17.1 (May 2017)

New features:

  • Multi-layout support: Ability to show device specific content designed from QuarkXPress
  • Table of Contents (TOCs): Ability to show device specific rich TOCs designed from QuarkXPress
  • UI support for Italian and Spanish

Deprecated features:

  • Removed support for Parse notification service

Bug fixes:

  • Blank pages on moving focus to page containing Web View/You tube interactivity
  • Sharing via LinkedIn is not working

v4.16.4 (January 2017)


  • Adds support for including Privacy Policy and Terms of Use URLs in App configuration

v4.16.3 (January 2017)


  • Added Localytics as a Push Notifications provider

v4.16.2 (September 2016)

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes for iOS 10 compatibility

v4.16.1 (June 2016)

Bug Fixes:

  • Unable to download issues in newsstand app which contains escape characters in its URL

v4.16.0 (May 2016)


  • Introduces support for responsive HTML content
  • Scrubber view is enhanced to support responsive HTML pages
  • Scrubber view can now show article section color and title

Bug Fixes:

  • Google Analytics tracking is fixed for flip page and slideshow interactivities
  • Resolved many stability issues
  • Issues with App Studio Previewer App
  • Minor bug fixes in handling dual orientation pages 

v4.15.0 (November 2015)


  • iOS 9 support
  • Spotlight search support

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue Previewer appears blank on switching between Landscape only and Portrait only issues views
  • Issue Previewer app truncates after finishing PDF preview in portrait from Landscape only issue page

v4.14.0 (May 2015)

Bug Fixes:

  • Unable to perform a search on iOS 8.2 and 8.3
  • A crash scenario with download when server is not available

v4.13.0 (January 2015)


  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support
  • Close button added to the audio player
  • Page linking in page stacks
  • Build form options for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Bug Fixes:

  • Parse userid removed from portal after log out has occurred
  • Bookmark date was viewable, resolved
  • Landscape layout view on iPhone Plus incorrect, resolved
  • When logged in, the 'Subscribe' popup from the Issue Preview still offers a Login button, resolved.

v4.12.1 (November 2014)

Bug Fix:

  • Layout breaks on store after rotation on iOS 8 now resolved

v4.12.0 (November 2014)


  • Parse push notification implementation
  • Updated translations

Bug Fixes:

  • Multi-pub - Incorrect label for 'Browse' label
  • iOS 8.1.0 bug sweep

v4.11.0 (October 2014)


  • Appboy implementation (Push notifications)

v4.10.3 (September 2014)

Bug Fix:

  • Sandbox Bug fix, rare crash on testing sandbox purchases

v4.10.2 (September 2014)


  • Analytics, track user id for 3rd party subscriptions

Bug Fixes:

  • iOS 8.0.0 Bug sweep

v4.10.1 (September 2014)

Bug Fix:

  • App crashing on issue deletion from the newsstand now resolved.

v4.10.0 (September 2014)


  • Support for Google Analytics v3 SDK
  • Preview screen now displaying issue size
  • Changing publications refreshes the publication listings
  • Scrubber navigation scrolls right to left content for right to left content

Bug Fixes:

  • Navigation bars will now hide if selected from the build form
  • Grammatical errors
  • Register link for 3rd party subscriptions updated

v4.9.0 (August 2014)


  • New Google Analytics tracking implemented
  • Display a poster image for videos, played via a button
  • Hide video adverts in the video manager

Bug Fixes:

  • Bookmarks count being displayed incorrectly, resolved
  • Editing note loses tag, resolved

v4.8.0 (July 2014)


  • Logo & brand update
  • Table of Contents has clearer section colours
  • Section names and articles names in Table of Contents defined.
  • Preview of each issue available for XML Journals on the store page

Bug Fixes:

  • Forgot password URL updated
  • Page swipe now working with bottom navigation bar
  • Colors in the build form for theming now visible
  • Description text on the preview for the iPhone now resolved

v4.7.2 (June 2014)


  • Global search and issue search
  • Full text Search enables users run full-text queries against character-based data.
  • Translations updated
  • SDK Update

Bug Fixes:

  • Special characters not displaying correctly in the table of contents
  • Close button now present on map overviews
  • Side navigation lost on first launch now resolved

v4.6.4 (May 2014)

Bug Fix:

  • Apple rejecting apps using the Google Analytics 'advertisingIdentifier' in the binary, now resolved

v4.6.3 (April 2014)

Bug Fix:

  • Issue updates availability reported incorrectly, or not at all, now resolved

v4.6.1 (April 2014)

Bug Fix:

  • Page links become disabled and the app to freeze, resolved

v4.6 (April 2014)


  • Display Bookmarks as thumbnails or list view, via the build form

Bug Fixes:

  • Free Subscriptions displays correctly
  • Missing translations for French and German
  • Section colours now span the whole section

v4.5 (March 2014)


  • Video manager
  • Generate a URL so you can share your app and link to the app store and to articles
  • Collapse settings menu when in reader view
  • Bookazine issues automatically downloaded on install
  • All description text visible on the preview of the app 
  • In App Purchase invalid notification
  • Article highlight in the Table of Contents while reading

Bug Fixes:

  • Missing cursor when searching for text now visible 
  • Adding and deleting bookmarks from the iPad 
  • Cancel button for Notes on iPhone
  • Update button disappears after updating the issue

v4.4 (February 2014)


  • Individual notification when updating issues
  • Section colours spanning the whole article in the TOC
  • Updated translations for German, Japanese and French
  • Flight Mode and WiFi notification
  • Removal of the black status bar for scrolling pages

Bug Fix:

  • Resolved, app crashing when opening Notes and Bookmark Managers
  • Search results words not getting highlighted
  • Zoomable image spinner icon is now disabled on retina devices
  • Bookmark and Scrubber images now the right size.
  • Memory leak slowing down the app resolved.

v4.3 (January 2014)


  • Right to left reading
  • PDF support for URL and Email links
  • Support for East Asian characters
  • Custom banner creator for your store page with API's

Bug Fix:

  • Resolved, an app crash when tapping the navigation items when rotating

v4.2 (December 2013)


  • Multi - Publication

v4.1.1 (December 2013)


  • Switch font sizes directly within digital journal apps

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue where app was not updating when pushing content to test and publish
  • Performance issue resolve with thumbnail images loading slowly on the store page
  • Removal of question mark icon and replaced with the splash screen image
  • PDF content now rendering correctly and pinch and zoom functionality resolved
  • Logout button now visible in the side bar navigation
  • Sidebar navigation content now correctly updating when editing pages and pushing to test

v4.1 (December 2013)

New features:

  • TOC Slider for journals (Side navigation).
  • Correct embedded mark up in side bar for journals.
  • Text wrapping in side bar for journals.
  • Option to remove the scrubber bar in journals.

v4.0 (November 2013)

New features:

  • Theming - Theme the colour of your app, via the build form.
  • The latest previewer app has been updated and had now supports iOS 7.
  • Side bar navigation
  • Client login page - Optional configuration on start up.
  • Bookmarks and Notes
  • Sharing
  • Store page - New design and layout

v3.10.0 (July 2013)

New features:

  • Table of contents sidebar for iPad – see a list of your articles and the sections they're in
  • Improvements to the user flow managing bookmarks and their tags
  • Improvements to the user flow managing notes and their tags
  • The latest previewer app allows you to change font size where you have content in multiple font sizes

Bug fixes:

  • Click to call/sms links in HTML content are now permitted

v3.9.3 (May 2013)

New features:

  • As a publisher I can specify the text next to the login button on the app for print subscriber subscriptions via the build form
  • Dutch translation available
  • New document viewer for a better experience when previewing PDF, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files

Bug fixes:

  • Bug with making a video go full-screen when using the in-app browser resolved
  • Bug with single issue apps showing a buy button resolved

v3.9.2 (May 2013)

New feature:

  • iPhone 5 support

v3.9.1 (April 2013)

Bug fix:

  • Bug with push notifications resolved

v3.9.0 (April 2013)

New features:

  • Predictive searching – search results update as you type
  • History navigation buttons – navigate back through the pages you visited
  • Ability to show/hide the status bar of the previewer app. This allows users who design fullscreen content to test appropriately using this app

Bug fixes:

  • External Video links now open correctly on the iPhone
  • Ability to swipe between pages when in accessibility mode
  • Bug with logging in and out of the app resolved
  • Bug with updated issue notifications resolved
  • Minor bugs with bookmarking resolved
  • Minor bugs with notes resolved
  • Other minor bugs resolved

v3.8.0 (February 2013)

New features:

  • Ability to cancel an issue download
  • LinkedIn sharing
  • Improved issue installation speed
  • Third party subscriptions on the iPhone

Bug fixes:

  • Promoted issue should be centred when there are no subscriptions shown

v3.7.0 (November 2012)

New features:

  • Added the notes feature to the iPhone
  • Added the new bookmarking to the iPhone

Bug fixes:

  • Offline message should be displayed when trying to open the help page whilst offline

v3.6.0 (October 2012)

New features:

  • A user can add notes against an article
  • New UI for bookmarking which replaces folder in preference of tagging

Bug fixes:

  • The popup to rate the app after 5th launch isn't working

v3.5.0 (October 2012)

New features:

  • Ability to add an Advert Banner to the store screen

Bug fixes:

  • Controls not appearing in the global audio player popup
  • Problems with rotation using iOS6

V3.4 (September 2012)

  • A publisher can integrate with the standard App Studio subscription API
  • Bug fix: On updating an issue, sometimes another issue is shown as updating instead
  • Bug fix: UI glitch with the placement of a subheading bar
  • Bug fix: Sharing button shouldn't be visible on advert
  • Bug fix: Animations on cover pages not working correctly

V3.3 (September 2012)

  • A User is returned to the store page during the update of an issue
  • Bug fix: Unable to download issue after publication switching during download
  • Bug fix: Issue changes not being picked up on the iPhone
  • Bug fix: Issues start to download, but then stop and return to 'Download' without any error message

V3.2 (August 2012)

  • The speed of opening an issue has been improved
  • Bug fix: Some buttons on the store page would disappear after deleting an issue on the iPhone
  • Bug fix: When logging out (from the test app), the wrong publication header was displayed on the iPhone
  • Bug fix: When navigating to a bookmark in a different issue, a popup message was displayed twice on the iPhone
  • Bug fix: The cover thumbnail was not updating when republished on the iPad

V3.1 (August 2012)

  • Support for Twitter and Facebook when sharing information is provided for the article in the App Studio flatplanner
  • Option to replace the textual contents list with a scrubber on the iPhone
  • Amend the 'purchasing' message to 'processing' during the subscription sign-up process
  • Bug fix: white screen on app launch on iOS6
  • Bug fix: subscriptions should not be offered on iPhone when user already has one
  • Bug fix: new issue notification on iPhone doesn't open the new issue

V3.0 (July 2012)

  • Support for iPhone
  • Allow pinch and zoom to be enabled on non-pdf iPhone apps
  • Improved handling around failed downloads when connection is lost
  • Added error message detail to the 'Download Failed' pop-up and pass this through to Google Analytics to help diagnose any further issues
  • Bug fix: When the app loses connection during a download, it does not fail, or resume. The app must be killed and restarted to see the Download button again

V2.5.0 (May 2012)

  • Bug fix: Pausing then resuming issue download starts download from beginning
  • Bug fix: issue id is missing from Contents page tracking in Google Analytics
  • Bug fix: Improve Download behaviour when connection is lost
  • Bug fix: Download Resume - incorrect file size being shown
  • Bug fix: Problem with re-download after cancel

V2.4.7 (April 2012)

  • Workaround Google Analytics not being thread safe

V2.4.6 (April 2012)

  • Bug fix: Fix zoom and pan for pdf issues

V2.4.5 (April 2012)

  • Google Analytics: Record manual vs automatic downloads
  • Google Analytics: Pass OS version as a label on Launch event
  • Google Analytics: Extend DownloadComplete event to indicate how issue was paid for
  • Google Analytics: Track logins to third party subscription systems

V2.4.4 (March 2012)

  • Retina support for iPad 3

V2.3 (March 2012)

  • Subscriptions area is not replaced by expiry date after purchasing a subscription - does eventually after restoring purchases
  • Implement handling of expired Apple subs
  • On a new install of bookazine, issue is reported as twice the actual size

V2.2 (February 2012)

  • Thumbnail images on issue view manager should never show as grey
  • Improved performance and crash fixes for issues screen

V2.1.5 (January 2012)

  • Bug fix: Auto renewable subscriptions are sometimes not giving access to current issue.

V2.1.3 (October 2011)

  • Bug fix: Apps with free issues and on Newsstand don't update their Issues on first load

V2.1.2 (October 2011)

  • Handle operating system auto-deleting content

V2.1.0 (October 2011)

  • Bug fix: Image positioning on issues page
  • Remove the use of the documents storage for publications data
  • App Studio app crashing when viewing updated content

V2.0.1 (October 2011)

  • Support for free Newsstand subscriptions
  • Bug fix: Installation progress on 4.3 devices is incorrect, it jumps to 100%

V2.0.0 (October 2011)

  • Support for Newsstand - automatic downloads
  • Support for iOS5

V1.5.8 (September 2011)

  • Bug fix: When there is no page available in the alternative orientation, it should not allow the rotate (as opposed to crashing)
  • Bug fix: URL scheme navigateTo:// isn't working with index being passed

V1.5.7 (September 2011)

  • Remove 'Missing Issues' from Library tab
  • Bug fix: Refresh button has Edit visible behind it on Store page

V1.5.6 (August 2011)

  • Single-issue apps automatically download the issue on installation
  • Bug fix: Help icon doesn't appear on Store tab until the my Library tab is tapped

V1.5.5 (August 2011)

  • Bug fix: deleting and updating issues is not always completely clearing the old version
  • Bug fix: 'Don't ask me again' function on update is not working
  • Bug fix: Autoplaying videos should stop when the Issues screen is opened

App Studio app specifics:

  • After logging in, Switch Publication screen should be shown straight away
  • Bug fix: Starting download then switching publication causes crash

V1.5.4 (July 2011)

  • The user is given the option to download, ignore, or delay updated issues

App Studio app specifics:

  • Bug fix: Switching publication when offline displays a 'subscripton.cantbuy.title' message
  • Bug fix: Crash in App Studio when switching publication
  • User can logout before switching publication
  • Bug fix: When logging in as a new user you still have access to all the other publications


  • Bug fix: Duplicate items can be added to bookmark
  • Bug fix: Launch video black box flicker
  • Bug fix: Preview images for an issue (displayed on issue screen) are cached so when the user updates the cover, the previews images don't update
  • On download, user should be told if they are not connected to the internet


  • Bug fix: Auto-play videos start when off screen


  • Change the My Library tab to only display downloaded issues
  • Bug fix: Analytics bug fixes
  • Bug fix: Deleting problems
  • Bug fix: Last page is not remembered
  • The new issue pop-up message shouldn't be displayed when the user is already on the 'Store' tab of the issues screen

V1.5 (late May 2011)

  • Redesigned Issues Library screen
  • User can purchase an auto-renewing subscription via Apple
  • Bug fix: wrong size images being displayed in Scrubber bar

V1.4.0 and V1.4.1 (late April 2011)

  • Bug fix: missing delete function on the Issues Edit screen
  • Support for HTML5 videos
  • Display of download speed
  • Bug fix: admin users not able to switch publications in the App Studio test app

V1.3.0 (early April 2011)

  • Image galleries
  • Improved handling of the download flow - queued downloads are displayed as 'waiting'
  • Notification when an issue has been republished since the user downloaded it, with an option to 'download now' or 'view saved version'
  • Test application via the app store allowing designers to test all their issues from all their publications on the test and live environments
  • Improved Google Analytics tracking with new events and better organisation of page views
  • Apple subscriptions
  • Support for links to https:// web sites


  • Page-flip transition
  • Analytics tracking for the length of time a video is played for
  • Coverflow version of the issues library

V1.0.0 - V1.1.0

Access Issue

Feature Details
Demo issue The user can test the app by viewing a demo issue bundled with the app before purchasing the premium issues
Buy issues The user can browse the library of issues and choose to buy an issue using their iTunes account
Issue downloads can be paused, restarted and cancelled
New issues The user is alerted to new issues when they are using the app with a pop-up message
The user is alerted to new issues when they are using the app with a badge on the issues button
The user is alerted to new issues when they are using the app with a ‘new’ badge on the issue on the issues library screen
Delete issues The user can delete an issue from the issues library screen – they will be able to download again for free
Push notifications The user is notified by a badge on the app icon or a popup message when a new issue is published

Read Issue

Feature Details
Remember last page The user is taken to the last page they viewed when they restart the app
Contents page The user can tap the Contents button, or pinch a magazine page to view the Contents page listing all articles in the issue
Page swipe The user can read the magazine by swiping through the pages horizontally – there is no additional vertical swipe on the magazine pages.
Dual orientations The user can browse every page of the issue in portrait and landscape
Navigation menu The user can tap the screen to reveal the navigation menu at the top of every page. This menu offers functions such as Issues, Contents, Bookmark, Add Bookmark, Help etc.
Scrubber bar The user can tap the screen to reveal the scrubber bar at the bottom of every issue page.
This bar indicates the user’s progress through the magazine.
The handle on the scrubber bar can be dragged to quickly jump to another page of the magazine.
The user can tap the scrubber bar to reveal a scrollable thumbnail of every page of the magazine, organised into its sections, allowing the user to quickly scroll through and tap to open a page.

Find Content

Feature Details
Search The user can tap the search icon to enter a term to search for. The full text of all issues is searched, and matching pages are listed
Filter by tag The user can select one or more tags from the navigation bar on the contents page. The articles matching all of the selected tags are highlighted

Interact with Content

Feature Details
Hyperlinks The user can tap a hyperlink to jump to another article or view a web page in the in-app browser
Text The user can select text to copy, search or lookup in glossary for example
Slideshows The user can swipe through a slideshow of images or text within a page
Video The user can play a video inline on the page and can tap to view full-screen
Videos can be set to auto-play when the page loads
Audio The user can play an audio clip and can control the playing via the Audio icon on the the navigation menu
Pop-Ups The user can tap a button to reveal a pop-up which can then be dismissed
Hotspots The user can tap a button to reveal a hostpot
Zoom and pan images The user can tap an image to open it full screen, zoom into it and pan around it
Geo location The user can tap a location button to open a map centred on the specified location
360 degree image The user can tap and drag an image to rotate the pictured object
Email The user can tap an email button to launch an email form with pre-filled fields

Personalize App

Feature Details
Bookmarks The user can bookmark a page with the icon on the navigation menu
The user can view all their bookmarks from the icon on the navigation menu
Bookmark folders The user sees a pre-configured list of folders into which they can organise their bookmarks
The user can add or delete folders as they wish
Cross-issue bookmarking The user can use the bookmarks icon to view their bookmarks across all their issues. Note that when an issue is deleted, all bookmarks for that issue will also be deleted at this stage

Share Content

Feature Details
Share by Twitter The user can share a url (or custom message) associated with the page being viewed by Twitter
Share by Facebook The user can share a url (or custom message) associated with the page being viewed by Facebook


Feature Details
Request to rate The user is asked to rate the app on the 5th launch
Help page The user can view the help page from the icon on the navigation menu


Feature Details
View analytics The user’s page views and events are tracked in Google Analytics
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