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Distribute a URL for my iOS App

A Custom URL scheme is a mechanism through which third-party apps can communicate with each other. You can specify a scheme name here which will allow customers / publishers to open your App from other Apps installed on the device, such as the Mail App or the Facebook App.

App Studio supports URLs that open your App to the Store page, the first page of a particular issue or a particular page within an issue.

For example, if you chose ‘testscheme’ as your scheme name, customers / publishers could link to the aforementioned areas of your App by formatting URLs in the following way:

Store page

Example: testscheme://store

The first page of an issue

Example: testscheme://issue/urn:uuid:mobileiqqa:widgettesting:mixedsources:production

This can be copied from the App Studio Portal, at the issue level, see example below:

A particular page within an issue

Example: testscheme://issue/urn:uuid:mobileiqqa:widgettesting:mixedsources:production/article/qxp-webview-test/1

This can be copied from the App Studio Portal, at the document level, see example below:

Where <issue-id>, <page-id> and <article-id> are the values available from the issue JSON from within an issue on App Studio.

How to access the issue JSON and obtain the issue-id and page-id

Add this on the to end of the URL of the publication you are in: /issueJson


Where to find the article-id

To obtain the article-id, please click here

Note: Your scheme name should be all one word, begin with a letter and use only letters and numbers.

Note: You should try to ensure your scheme name is unique so that it doesn’t clash with other 3rd party Apps. You might do this by prefixing it with your company name, e.g. docsignmyshceme://…

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