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Creating an App Studio layout

To create an App Studio layout, choose File > New Project and select App Studio from the Layout Type drop-down menu.

New Project dialog box for an App Studio layout

The options in the Layout Members field let you create separate layout families for a variety of different devices. For example, if you check Vertical and/or Horizontal for both Tablet (iPad/Universal) and Phone (iPhone/Android) , QuarkXPress will create a project with two layout families: One for tablets, and one for phones. (For more information about layout families, see " Understanding layout families .") This allows you to customize one version of the layout for tablet use, and another version for phone use.

You do not have to create layouts for more than one device. If you check Tablet (iPad/Universal) , the issue will be automatically scaled down for smaller devices, and the issue aspect ratio will be maintained. You should create a layout for a particular device only if you want to tailor the layout to fit that device precisely.

To specify which orientations you want to support, check Vertical and/or Horizontal for the desired devices in the Layout Members list.

The OS Bar check box controls whether the layout allows room for the status bar at the top of the screen. Check this box if you are planning to export in App Studio format, and uncheck it if you are planning to export the layout as an AVE issue.

When you click OK , QuarkXPress creates a project with a layout family that contains layouts for each device/orientation combination you checked. For more information, see " Understanding layout families ."

QuarkXPress displays the new project in a split view, so that you can work with multiple members of the layout family at the same time. For more information, see "Splitting a window" in A Guide to QuarkXPress .

By default, all new App Studio layouts include an RGB version of black named Black (RGB) . You should use this version of black instead of the default CMYK Black color to achieve the darkest black in the exported App Studio issue, especially for text.
By default, all App Studio layouts export with a white background. To create a different-colored background, draw a colored box that completely covers the page and then send it to the back. To avoid selecting the box as you work on the page, put the box on its own layer and then lock that layer.

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