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Adding video

App Studio issues support only H.264 video at up to 720p, 30 frames per second, Main Profile level 3.1, with AAC-LC stereo audio at up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, in the .mp4 file format.

You can start and stop the playback of video files with actions. For more information, see " Working with interactivity actions ."

To add a video to an App Studio issue:

  1. Select the picture box you want to contain the video.
  2. In the HTML5 palette, click Video .

    Video options
  3. Optionally, enter a name for the picture in the Name field. This name displays in the Interactive Objects area in the bottom of the palette.
  4. If you want the video to be initially invisible, check Initially Hidden .
  5. To make the video play automatically when the page it is on displays, check Auto Play .
  6. To make the video switch to fullscreen mode as soon as it begins to play, check Full Screen Only .
  7. To make the video play repeatedly, check Loop .
  8. To hide the default video controls, check Hide Controller . Note that if you want the user to be able to control the movie, you will need to provide a way of controlling the video with actions.
  9. To specify the location of the video, click an option in the Source area.
  • To use a local video file, click File (Embed) , then click the button and select the video file.
  • To use a video from a URL, click URL and enter the URL in the field.
  • To use a video file from Quark Publishing Platform, click Quark Publishing Platform , then click Browse QPP and select the video file.
  • To use a video file from YouTube or Vimeo, click YouTube/Vimeo , then paste the url of the video in the src= field. (To get this value for a YouTube video, Control+click/right-click the video and choose Copy embed URL . To get this value for a Vimeo video, Control+click/right-click the video, choose Copy embed code . Then paste the code into a text editor, and then select the portion of the code that looks like this: http://www.[site].com/embed/XXXXXXXXXX and paste it into the field.)
  1. To finish configuring the video, click a different object or a blank part of the layout.

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