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Adding audio

You can associate an audio file with a picture box. When the end user views the issue, the box is replaced with audio controls that allow the sound to be played. You can also configure sound files to play in the background and to continue playing when the user changes pages.

You can start and stop the playback of audio files with actions. For more information, see " Working with interactivity actions ."
App Studio issues support only .mp3 files.
Only one audio file can play at a time. If one sound is playing, and another sound starts, the first sound is paused.

To add audio to an App Studio issue:

  1. Select the picture box you want to replace with the audio controls.
  2. In the HTML5 palette, click Audio .

    Audio options
  3. Optionally, enter a name for the audio controller in the Name field. This name displays in the Interactive Objects area in the bottom of the palette.
  4. If you want the audio object to be initially invisible, check Initially Hidden .
  5. To make the audio play automatically when the page it is on displays, check Auto Play .
  6. To make the audio play repeatedly, check Loop .
  7. To make the audio stop playing when the user goes to a different page, check Stop Audio When Page Turns . If you leave this box unchecked, the audio will continue to play until the user moves to the next article.
    Sounds that play at the article level do not play when you preview the article in a Web browser.
  8. If Stop Audio When Page Turns is checked, you can hide the default audio controls by checking Hide Controller .
  9. To specify the location of the audio file, click an option in the Source area.
  • To use a local audio file, click File (Embed) , then click the button and select the audio file.
  • To use an audio file from Quark Publishing Platform, click Quark Publishing Platform , then click Browse Platform and select the audio file.
  1. To finish configuring the audio object, click a different object or a blank part of the layout.

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