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8. Create in-app purchases (optional)

Prior to publishing an issue, you must get your in-app purchase approved by Apple.

In iTunes Connect:

  1. Click 'My Apps'
  2. Click on your application
  3. Click 'Features'
  4. Click +' in In-App Purchases
  5. Choose 'Non-Consumable'
  6. Enter a reference name for reporting e.g. 'September 2011'
  7. Enter a product id. This must be prefixed by the app bundle id e.g. 'com.organization.publication.2011.october'
  8. Choose a price tier (use the pricing matrix beneath the drop-down to look up the correct tier)
  9. Click 'Add Language'
  10. Choose a language
  11. Enter a display name (for display in the app store and on the purchasing pop-ups) e.g. 'September 2011'
  12. Enter a display description (not currently displayed)
  13. Under 'Screenshot for Review' click 'Choose file' and select a screenshot.  Screenshots must be 960x640, 960x600, 640x960, 640x920, 480x320, 480x300, 320x480, 320x460, 1024x768, 1024x748, 768x1024 or 768x1004 pixels. They are never displayed so it doesn't matter if you have to 'squash' your image to fit
  14. Click 'Save'
  15. Once happy, click 'Submit for Review', allowing at least 1 week for Apple to review and approve before publishing the issue

In App Studio:

  • Click the 'Edit' icon next to the 'View' button for your issue
  • Type the product id from iTunes Connect into the Apple Id field (in our Example: com.organization.publication.2011.october)
  • Click 'Save'
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